Christian dating divorced widowed

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Never the less, every now and again, she will try to create opportunities for this to occur and will make comments about her children as if they are asking about me which is not true because the boy has only seen me twice and once was a week or so ago so the only way he would be inquiring about me is if she is putting inferences in his mind as he doesn’t know me at all to be doing that…Not to mention her husband has always been challenged by my presence.

I think I really owe everyone an apology for the direction that this post has gone in.

I know my main issues are how she treated me at that time and then bam…I’m pregnant…it almost felt like she did it to retaliate against me and hurt me although she said that she was really trying to work on her marriage and do what I was encouraging her to do which was to work on her marriage and get her needs met through her husband…so with her actions she was doing this but with her words and deeds towards me she was doing otherwise…..

My other challenge is that she wants me to be in her kids and husband’s life and I would very much love this but I want to do it at my own pace and don’t want to be pressured into it.

As I have read the many comments and strong view points on this topic, I realized my error.

The truth of the matter is that people who are not married are not qualified to speak on this topic.

From the initial point she and I became friends and were nothing but friends, he has never cared for me and it was/is obvious.

He says she changes when she is around me and I concur but she doesn’t readily admit this although it’s obvious to me and to him.It has turned into a rather unpleasant and possibly unedifying debate over the legality, or lack thereof, of oral sex within the confines of marriage.I failed to exercise proper wisdom and mature discernment in opening up this conversation about marital sex on this public forum.I purchased your book and am looking forward to being blessed and transformed by it.I frequented some of your blogs and was very much blessed by your ministry. I have a friend who I do believe God placed in my life.So really I have been working out my own salvation on this one…just me and God…. If you do not want to be automatically added to this list all you have to do is add this phrase in parenthesis at the beginning of your first comment only: Posted in Christain marriage, christian freaks, Christian sexuality, Christianity, Is it OK?