Validating the results of a route choice simulator

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Validating the results of a route choice simulator - tyler perry dating anyone

Author: Robert French, with additions by RJ Mical CONTENTS OF DISK 5 ================== cons Console device demo program with supporting macro routines.Author: Rob Peck 12/1/85 freemap Creates a visual diagram of free memory.

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Author: Rob Peck 12/1/85 Printer support routines.Compiles and links ok, but something in the Lattice C setjmp/longjmp code prevents it from currently running. Version 1.4 Author: David Betz CONTENTS OF DISK 4 ================== banner Prints horizontal banner (across screen). Author: Unknown bgrep Another grep like utility, also using the Boyer-Moore algorithm.Author: Roy Mongiovi and Arnold Robbins bison A replacement for unix "yacc" command.Draws a rectangle in a single playfield display, then draws "Behind a Fence" several times behind an apparent fence in the rectangle. Author: Rob Peck 12/1/85 samplefont A sample font that produces clubs, hearts, spaces, and diamonds as its four characters.Shows precisely what is contained in an Amiga font.New features include the ability to save images in "iff" format, for reading into Deluxe Paint or other programs that use iff.

Also includes code from Graphi Craft to handle color palette and change colors at will. Author: Robert French mouse Shows how to set up the gameport device as a mouse so that hooking up the mouse to the right port gives access to mouse information.

Sample slave code for create process test (littleproc.c) currently does not link under either Lattice C 3.02 or 3.03 (unresolved global variables not in libraries).

Author: Rob Peck 1/4/86 region Demonstrates how a drawing area can be split into linked rectangular regions.

Comes with custom icon so can be run from workbench screen. Mical In combination with hander.(supplied), lets a user trap keyboard or mouse events before they get to Intuition and if desired, install new (phony/generated/other-devices-mouse-simulations) into the input stream. needed to convert the calling sequence performed by the for the input stream management into something that a C program can understand.

CONTENTS OF DISK 1 ================== amigademo Graphical benchmark for comparing amigas. Author: Reinhold Weicker (Ada version) Rick Richardson (C version) dotty Source to the "dotty window" demo on the Workbench disk. Author: Landon Dyer make2 Another make subset command. "Portable" because the code itself is portable and because the archive format is very simple (uses ascii headers to separate files). Author: Martin Minow xrf C cross reference utility. Author: Bob Denny CONTENTS OF DISK 3 ================== gothic Gothic banner printer. Author: unknown roff A "roff" type text formatter, roughly following "Software Tools" version.

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