Double your dating chapters

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Double your dating chapters - sharapova dating tennis player

This chapter details some of the mental philosophies guys can learn to increase their natural attractiveness.

This advice is very similar to a lot of self help stuff, define what you want and then plan how your going to make it happen.When someone has to dig for your treasure/data it gives you power.The chapter then goes onto list three other really useful frames to have when interacting with women.The girls who are into that genre will always approach him because of his hair.He can go out and has to do very little to attract women.David then goes onto explain why these type of mental modals are useful, which was to standout from the normal guys mindset.

Being different creates intrigue and mystery which in turn to creates emotions and attraction The book then goes onto talk about becoming an exceptional person.

As she replied at all I interpret this as she likes me ‘it’s on’.

A strong approach is either ignoring her or teasing her with something like ‘dork’.

Melvin’s concept is that people laugh with the character and the actual jokes themselves aren’t as important.

So in dating terms working on your character will mean women will become naturally more attracted to you.

One of the books recommended to improve your humour is Melvin Helitzer – Comedy Writing Secrets. David then introduces the concept of developing your character.