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Bhairaveshwara Shikhara is 390 ft in height, while the Mohini Shikharais 300 ft in height.A number of caves can be found in these Ghats as well as a number of cave paintings.

A number of forest dependent as well as forest dwelling communities also exert tremendous pressure on the forests.Covering approximately 1,40,000 sq km, these mountains are home to number of endemic plants and animal species.These hills are interrupted at Phalgat with a gap of about 30 km (Palghat gap).Western Ghats also has over 450 species of birds 35% endemic, 140 mammal species ( around 20% endemic) and 260 reptile species (over 60% endemic).The range also has a number of fresh water fishes and a number of invertebrates most of which are endemic to the region.The Western Ghats is considered as one of the global biodiversity hot-spots.

The Western Ghats comprises of over 5000 vascular plants, of which about 30% of which are endemic to the Ghats.The iron ores have been extracted from these regions.Besides iron, the Ghats are also known to harbour laterite and bauxite ores.However, there are a number of smaller gaps and passes.The Western Ghats has a high altitudinal variation and the average elevation is 1200meters. The Anaimudi peak is the highest peak at 2695 meters.The Western Ghats has been declared as an ecologically sensitive area and was declared as an ecological hot-spot in 1988.