Paula abdul dating american idol contestant

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She had surgery just months before was to start an exciting new job.She began praying out loud.” Abdul: “Please let this work because I'm going to take the job called 'American Idol.' And I deserve to this job.

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Of course, the truly juicy bit of gossip is that she may have known at least one of those contestants a little too well. Baker: “If what Corey Clark is saying is true, then Fox has a big mess on their hands. And he took names.” And it was discovered that Clark wasn't exactly the ideal idol.

Abdul answered in the affirmative, saying her beau "is a good guy." In June, Abdul celebrated turning 45 with a scavenger hunt and birthday bash â€" attended by friends and former contestants Jordin Sparks and Blake Lewis â€" at Torregiani's West Hollywood eatery Ketchup, where he spent the entire night by her side.

Having vowed he wouldn't return, Cowell, 56, took his former work pals, including host Ryan Seacrest, completely by surprise as he sneaked up on them while they said their goodbyes in front of the studio audience.

So was it a coincidence when Paula's own so-called "secret battle" with her medical issues appeared in People Magazine aroundthe same time Corey Clark's allegations surfaced elsewhere? Or is it actually an old story to be told again at a vulnerable time?

Lalama: “It's what I like to call the Hollywood preemptive strike.” Paula was shocked, according to this latest story, to learn that “Idol” fans had been posting Internet questions about her. Paula Abdul shared the secret of her medical woes for the first time on Dateline, two years ago, when she spoke to Ann Curry.

And makes your teeth start chattering because it's so uncomfortable.

They could give me pain pills that would put a 300 pound man out. Sometimes medicine doesn't work.” She suffered for years, she said, undergoing 10 spinal surgeries, having three metal plates put in her neck, and losing half an inch in height.

“I’m a really big fan, and I made life-sized drawings of Paula. and the People’s Choice Awards are counting your votes!

I’ve been drawing ever since I was a little kid, and my first drawing was of Paula Abdul.” Goodspeed, dressed in shades of pink for her audition, sang “Proud Mary” before Abdul, Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell – but did not make it to Hollywood.

Clay Aiken, himself a contestant on "American Idol" when Clark was, tells The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler he finds Clark's story .

But Entertainment Weekly TV Editor Lynette Rice says, "There is obviously proof, phone records, multiple phone records. This warrants at least a discussion between the network and the producers, you know, 'Do we have a problem here?

"I just thought this would be a good opportunity on behalf of Randy and myself for Paula to apologize over the years for being so mean to the contestants," Simon joked, taking the microphone after his shock arrival.