Nick wechsler revenge dating

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Nick wechsler revenge dating

Revenge returns to TV tonight with the deliciously titled episode “Power,” after its mid-season finale “Revelations” in early December.While we’re excited to see what jaw-dropping fashions Madeleine Stowe will be wearing as Victoria Grayson and just how exactly Emily Van Camp’s character will wreak havoc on the Grayson clan and their cohorts in the name of her late father in 2013, we couldn’t be more thrilled to have Nick Wechsler back in our living rooms on a weekly basis.

Sure, we love Daniel Grayson’s bespoke suits, but there’s something about a guy in jeans and a plaid shirt that is just so effortlessly cool.It’s all just from older brothers picking on me and me falling off a bed and hitting my head on a dresser. Most of this doesn’t matter.” What’s your worst date story?I went on one that was actually really nice, but this girl had a little bit of a drinking problem.I used to have the Chili Peppers and Faith No More, which was my favourite band growing up. it was nice when I bought it, but now it’s a piece of sh*t. I lost a family member, and we were cleaning her home, and we came across a little framed picture of her.What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought? It was just something she owned and something that reminds me of her, and I have that in my room.There’s nothing as an adult that I’d sit on my couch 100 times, but your parents are off taking care of the house and you get to sit on a couch and watch a movie over and over again. What would you say is the best thing you know how to cook? I spent time checking out different parts of England. If you could pick three people dead or alive to be at a dinner party with you, who would pick?

I think the better question is: What is the only thing I know how to cook? I’m not sure I’d have anything useful to add to the conversation, but I used to worship Bill Murray, Ricky Gervais Zach Galifianakis…After that, he spent four years playing Kyle Valenti on the alien teen drama “Roswell.” These days you are most likely to know Wechsler as Jack Porter, the charming and honest-to-a fault bar owner on the primetime drama Revenge, which is now in its second season and can be seen locally on Star World.for a little bit of eye candy each week and last night’s episode was no exception with shirtless scenes from both Nick Wechsler and Barry Sloane! ” Nick jokingly tweeted when his character appeared shirtless on screen while he was live-tweeting the episode.I don’t even think I know the answer to that either! and I know that you said three, but also Mike Patton. I used to have a poster of Alyssa Milano on the wall, and then years later I met her and she was lovely.I know how to cook Healthy Choice microwaveable meals. I can make a fart noise with almost any depression in my body — with my eye socket and my hand, with my neck and my shoulder, with the concave bit between my pec muscles. Actually, years later I met her when we were doing some signing in Vegas, and we signed each other’s head shot and gave them to someone. What object do you own that has the most sentimental value?We spoke exclusively to Nick about playing Jack Porter, the worst date he’s been on in real-life and what he’d most likely be doing if he wasn’t on Revenge. The only thing authentically East Coast are aerial shots. Do we still have hope for Emily and Jack moving forward this season? If we pay attention to Jack’s dialogue, he has lines about fate and destiny. You’re the most likable character on the show, but are you ever jealous that you don’t get to be a badass like your costars? I think now that he has a child, and now that you know who the Ryans are, if he would ever do anything, it would always be close to moral, and I think it would be to protect Amanda or Emily. I think a girl who demands that, it sends a subtle message to a guy — “Is she here for the right reasons?

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