Dating a former gang member

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Dating a former gang member - bi sexual dating minnesota

Im just need to know if I could get some kind of help to fix this problem we have. I oviously changed for the better I also want to make a change in my community and give back. I believe that people change some for better some for worse.

Thats one reason i left mansfield because of the gangs beating on folks because the color of thier skin and other reasons -- i dont like the way that white boy looked at me o'hell i got my ass beat for NO REASON == it needs to be like the old days take you out behind the woodshed and beat your ass.........

like Mr Hothead said, it depends if you have a criminal record and the severity of those crimes I'd assume.

The best advice I would offer would be to research the requirements for gaining admission, speak to some current officers for advice and above all else, be 100% honest and truthful regarding your luck Im a former gang member can i still be a cop?

And according to the Texas law books, when it comes to section 20A.03, if you were a link to my captors and my suffering, then you could spend an estimated 25-99 years in prison. Gangbangers that take part in human trafficking don't belong on any police force.

My captors had used my labor to help people like you from 1998-1999. Just a young adolescent child looking for approval. I've been crystal clean (the actual metaphor, not the drug) for about 6 to maybe 8 years.

Don't worry about the gang i used to be in im finally done with "gang banging" and i owe it to my mother that made me give up that life style.

No you cant become a cop because what are you going to do when that person you slaped with a 2x4 you kicked you punched in the face for no damm reason walks up to you because u can look good in front of ur punk ass wanna be friends they have a legal right to sue you for the assualt they can wait for a year to bring charges and that would keep u from being a copif it was me and i found out you was in training lmao i would bring suit just so u can learn yo dont have the right to beat folks for no reason ....In and out of high school after being suspended a few times for fighting with other girls, she admits she even did a few brief stints in jail after another girl pressed charges against her for "issuing death threats." But in a world where other girls respect you by how tough you are and constantly test you at school, Drayton says she was just doing what any other girl in her position would have done.This is why dating a guy a little rough around the edges can be intriguing to a young woman.These guys, with the easy cash they make from dealing drugs and their flippant I-don't-care attitude, can at times seem sexy and alluring.It's the whole Bonnie and Clyde phenomenon turned into modern-day dating.Just stay at home and play with your sisters dolls fing hateing ass punk you know nothing about gang banging what you just mentioned isnt a true gang banger what you mentioned are wannabes and you talk big shit on the internet but if you saw a real gang banger you wouldnt say this shit thw man changed his life and wants to help you fing punk you wouldnt slap shit your probably a broke single lame You might have a hit on you if you... Glad you have supporter's but if where still in and you found out your homies FLIP FLOP what would you do???

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