Dating omega watches serial number

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The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors describes Regina watches as an inferior brand of Omega, but mentions that some were adjusted highly enough to be used as rail road time pieces, which was the standard for quality watches.The use of Regina watches for railroad time keeping is documented on other sites as well.

For any important purpose the size should be determined correctly.

From lug to lug this Omega is 37mm long and wide not including the crown it is 33mm so it is a mid size not large at all but bigger than a boys size for sure.

This is an Omega 23.7 "M" for military as indicated on the movement. The movement serial number is 9,481,112 and as you can see it is very clean for sure. This is a classic design and made for the military but it is not marked as such except for the "M" on the movement so you know this Omega has stood the test of time ;-).

Regina pocket watches were a brand of pocket watches made by Omega that were popular in the early 1900s.

The name Regina Pocket Watch was originally trade marked by LOUIS MAIER in Bienne Switzerland in 1888.

Never the less, if you have the number here is a chart for dating your Omega...

the problem with using Ryan's chart (or any chart for that matter): Every Speedy Pro has a unique number on the escape wheel bridge.The records that still exist make it possible to roughly date them by their serial numbers.This list comes from an Omega memo: From: Departement: Controle Central de Fabrication Bienne la 16 Fevrier 1970 Concerne Annees de fabrication In North America pocket watches are usually sized by the Lancashire gauge which is based on the Size 0s being 1 inch across and increasing sizes being measured in 1/30th of an inch.Some early watches, made before the Omega take over have a date stamped on the mechanism.The company changed hands in the 1970s and the new owners destroyed many of the old records, making it difficult to precisely date most Regina watches.During the assembly process, these numbered bridges are randomly selected from the bins and installed along with the other parts.

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