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If you're a fan of classic soap opera, then you'll most definitely want to tune in to the new season of The Bay.The online soap has just announced a slew of new cast members, which will delight daytime lovers across the board.

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Rowell has travelled to Jamaica many times since the 1980s, most recently in August to complete filming on her movie, The Rich and the Ruthless, which stars Jamaican actor Oliver Samuels.

Having come up empty-handed, despite her numerous searches, Rowell is desperate for information on her father.

At one point during the show Amanda's character is married once to Mr. In later episodes it is made clear that she is separated from Colin, however whether this is the result of his death in a plane crash or a divorce varies from one episode to the next.

Amanda's character has a child from her marriage with Colin, her son, C.

Deposition in the Adelaide Rift Complex was terminated in the late Early Cambrian by the Delamerian Orogeny, and the results of previous detrital mineral dating studies from the Lachlan Fold Belt to the east are consistent with at least partial derivation of these sediments from reworked upper Adelaide Rift Complex (Kanmantoo Group), rather than a continuation of sediment supply from the Kanmantoo Group sediment source.

More broadly, the data suggest a close link between basin formation and orogen exhumation, and we also speculate that mantle plumes have played a significant role in crustal evolution at this Palaeo-Pacific margin of Gondwanaland, challenging the notion that subduction zones are the principle sites of crustal growth and sediment provenance.Rowell added that she spent 18 years in foster care and one of her foster mothers was also Jamaican.As such, she feels a special closeness to the island.Other beloved soap opera alums to sign on include Amelia Marshall (ex-Gilly Grant, Guiding Light; ex-Belinda Keefer, All My Children; ex-Liz Sanbourne, Passions), who will play Yolanda, a woman from Sara and Pete's past; and Ilene Kristen (ex-Roxy Balsam, One Life to Live), who will return as Sara's aunt.Meanwhile, Brian Gaskill (ex-Dylan Lewis, GL; ex-B. Green, As the World Turns; ex-Bobby Warner, AMC) is out as Bay City's terrifying rapist, Chase.She said her father left the island on the ship, the USS Leyte. But, until we secure the first name, it's very, very difficult," Rowell said.

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