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Dissimilarity is evident in the motivational factors between the corporate and development organizations. Key issues in Forging Credible CSR Partnerships A list of 11 factors was developed and shared with the respondents in order to find out key partnership issues that inhibit credible CSR partnerships.These factors were: (i) conscious relationship management, (ii) credibility of NGO’s management, (iii) outcomes of funded projects, (iv) knowledge of related cause; (v) NGO is well known, (vi) NGO’s reliable history of credible work, (vii) corporate sector’s patience to get results of CSR funding, (viii) presence of CSR vision in both partners, (ix) timely completion of projects, (x) trust and reliability of each other and (xi) understanding each others’ motivations.

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A positive focus on support of culture and heritage (68 percent) through CSR activities presents a healthy orientation of the local CSR approach. Driving factors to perform CSR: Corporate Sector Mentioning the motivations and driving factors to get into CSR activities, corporate sector mentioned the following: The development sector has a different set of motivations to get into CSR activities, which are: Business strategy and company policy (78 percent), community welfare (67 percent), company goodwill (61 percent) for the corporate sector and cause promotion (88 percent), drive for diversified funding (81 percent) and opportunity for co-branding (75 percent) came out as top motivations and drivers to get into CSR activities.Project-based CSR activities (85 percent) reveals increasing trend towards having outcome-based CSR activities.A heartening find is the organizations’ focus on internal CSR that relates to employee welfare (79 percent) and employee volunteering (59 percent) in community development and welfare activities. Worthy Causes for CSR In search of finding whether organizations are inclined only towards the popular CSR causes or are willing to consider controversial yet worthy causes, five such causes were presented to them and following are the results: With few exceptions, corporate and development organizations unanimously showed their motivation to support the controversial causes.The collective response of the corporate and development sector highlighted the five top issues: 6.Top Attributes of The Best CSR Partner Both corporate and development sector was asked to mention key attributes of their current best CSR partner.A list of key issues, factors and trends was hence developed through literature review and surveying the local industry.

The final list of these issues was converted into a cognitive framework and a questionnaire was developed and circulated to 60 corporate and development sector organizations using convenient sampling method.Respondents were head of public affairs and corporate communication functions, CSR representatives in the corporate sector and heads of NGOs in addition to sustain-ability consultants who are involved in CSR ope-rations and partnership development.The total response spread is from 34 organizations that comprise 53 percent (18 in numbers) for-profit and 47 percent (16 in numbers) not-for-profit organi-zations in Karachi.Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a rapidly increasing practice where businesses in Pakistan are becoming increasingly interested, active and innovative.The phenomenon has become a boardroom agenda for many organizations, if not for all.Creation A literature review from available local and foreign published scholastic work was made.