What is first second and third base when dating

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Conversely, if he was turned on by my being a virgin, I thought that would be a red flag for me because of my awareness of the misogynistic concept of 'deflowering' women." But lo and behold, "what really happened was neither of those things," she says."The truth is, if your SO isn't willing to handle your sexual inexperience delicately and respectfully, they are probably not the right SO for you." Why keep score if there's no competition?When it comes to a mismatch in experience, comparing stats may do more harm than good.

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Anyone who's gone through middle school has heard the word "prude" thrown around as a taunt, and unfortunately, some partners may make judgments based on your lack of relationships or sexual encounters.Whatever your reason, state it with confidence and make it clear that you aren't ashamed and shouldn't be shamed.A good match will validate your experience, whatever the reason behind it is—a lack of time to date, a subpar dating pool to choose from or just not feeling ready."I couldn't help but think about his past relationships and how I measured up," she says, and she's not alone.But it's perfectly okay to be open about these emotions with your SO.Throw in the nerves associated with being inexperienced, and stomach butterflies are basically a given.

"My first boyfriend was much more experienced than me, and it caused a bunch of mixed feelings," says Hannah*, a sophomore at the University of Alabama.As for sexual inexperience, the same advice stands.Religion, upbringing, personal values or just a lack of opportunity can all contribute to holding off on sex (or even just first, second or third base). Rose*, a senior at Siena College, is confident that virginity is "a total social construct aimed to make men think that their penis is important enough to change who a woman fundamentally is." Preach, girl!So, you've met the girl or guy of your dreams, and one of you got up the nerve to make it official. Now, there's just one problem: this new SO feels light-years ahead of you when it comes to experience, and your heart’s racing at the possibilities. Whether you're a relationship newbie or a sexual novice, there's nothing to fear.What will this mismatch mean for your relationship? Here's what you can expect upon entering your new relationship, straight from the lips of those who've been there, done that.Holding tension in can lead to misunderstandings later on, so airing out concerns immediately may improve the prospects of your relationship.