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It disputed “the alleged findings and conclusions” in the Chicago report and said UHS hospitals have provided compassionate and high-quality care to millions of patients.Citing the approval of independent regulatory agencies, it said, “Every patient care decision is made with the goal of furthering the best interests of our patients.” After Buzz Feed News began reporting on UHS, the company purchased the domain name

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Many current and former staff spoke to Buzz Feed News on condition of anonymity, often because they didn’t want to jeopardize future job options.

The probe involves more than 1 in 10 UHS psychiatric hospitals.

Three are being investigated criminally — including one facing allegations that it routinely misused Florida's involuntary commitment law to lock in patients who did not need hospitalization.

When administrators heard about it, she was escorted off the property.

Worried for her job and her ability as a single mother to support her daughter, she visited her doctor’s office in tears.

Current and former employees from at least 10 UHS hospitals in nine states said they were under pressure to fill beds by almost any method — which sometimes meant exaggerating people’s symptoms or twisting their words to make them seem suicidal — and to hold them until their insurance payments ran out.

A state-funded 2011 report on one Chicago hospital found “woefully inadequate” staffing levels, a “repeated and willful failure by UHS officials to ensure that their staff were properly trained,” and a pattern of admitting more patients than it had room for “in an effort to maximize financial profit.” Investigators also flagged broader concerns, citing “troubling reports suggesting a pattern of quality of care issues, harm to patients, or major healthcare fraud charges involving UHS-operating facilities in a dozen other states.”UHS is under federal investigation into whether the company committed Medicare fraud.

She called UHS “a very ethical organization.”But scores of employees from at least a dozen UHS hospitals said those facilities tried to keep beds filled even at the expense of the safety of their staff or the rights of the patients they were locking up.

UHS was founded in 1979 by Alan Miller, who is still at the helm today as CEO and board chair.

She recalled being startled to see rooms that were filled not with desks but with beds.

A technician rifled through Trimble’s purse for sharp objects and then a nurse told her to strip down to her underwear.

Unable to sustain the profit margins that investors had grown accustomed to, the chains began to close or sell off hospitals. Today UHS has more than two and a half times as many beds as its nearest competitor.

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