Consalidating credit cards

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Ideally, this loan would come from a bank or credit union.The thing to consider in this case is the interest rate and any fees.

For instance, if you transfer ,000 and a pay a balance transfer fee of three percent, this will amount to 0.

This will mean that the portion of your outstanding account balance that is subject to a lower interest rate will be paid off first and that you will not gain the benefit of any interest free period until the full balance (including any balance transfer) is paid by the due date each month.

Today we are going to talk about how to consolidate credit cards by refinancing your credit card debt into a singular loan or account with a singular payment.

Interest Rates and Fees and will be treated as cash advances with no interest free days applying to them.

Please note that payments made to your credit card account are first applied to any amounts transferred from other credit cards, charge cards or store cards under this offer, before they are applied to any other cash advance or purchase amount.

And in many cases, they aren’t really adding any value that you couldn’t create yourself by seeking a bank loan or another consolidation method.

This brings us to an important difference between consolidation companies and debt management companies.Consumers who choose to consolidate credit cards with this strategy are moving unsecured debt into secured debt.In other words, they are moving debt with mild consequences for not paying to debts that have serious consequences for not paying.The goal is then to pay down as much as possible before the period ends and the rate jumps to a much higher level.In recent years, balance transfers have become a less realistic option.Along the way, we will also highlight the features of a different program that is much safer and better for long-term financial health. The idea is that this new card will have a lower interest rate than any of the cards that were consolidated.

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