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The emoticon’s shape also influences the recipients’ perceptions as to its intensity.Yus (2005) found that :-))))) was associated with greater happiness in comparison to the default :-) but not in comparison to other greater-than-default emoticons such as :-))).

For example, a smile, a friendly tone, a nod, or an outstretched hand can signal friendliness, while a frown or an agitated tone can be disaffiliating. This is awesome because speech and writing get disconnected even though expressive lengthening probably began as a way of indicating spoken length (“I want you to hear what I’ve written”). You can repeat/stutter sounds like /g/, /t/, /b/, but you can’t hold them like a vowel or a nasal (m, n) or a sibilant (/s/, /z/). Some people do say may have caught your attention because it sort of looks like someone is trying to lengthen a hard-g. Some people really do take notice of the amount of Xs they are getting.If you send XX to a girl, you may get XXX back, but if you drop back down to an X after, you almost certainly will not get XXX back again2.Researchers have speculated that emoticons function to express feelings and attitudes as an online substitute for what is expressed in face-to-face (FTF) interaction via facial cues (e.g., Crystal, 2001; Halvorsen, 2012; Provine, Spencer, & Mandell, 2007).

Because emoticons (“emot-icons”) are iconic, they are easily recognized as facial expressions (Walther & D'Addario, 2001).In this way, nonverbal markers contribute to maintaining, enhancing, and challenging relationships.Since these nonverbal cues are largely unavailable in text-only computer-mediated communication (CMC), text-based emoticons such as smileys :) =) :-) and their variants :-} :- : D, winkies ;-) ;) , and frownies :( have long been viewed as compensatory strategies (e.g., Crystal, 2001).Even though emoticons do not carry the same functional load as nonverbal cues in FTF communication, it is not clear if affect is actually lost in CMC.In fact, the social information processing (SIP) model posits that CMC users will achieve relationships much like face-to-face communicators, albeit through different strategies and tools, which may include emoticons (Walther, 1992).Unfortunately, this practice is dying, as most people send multiple shorter messages through whatsapp, rather than longer less frequent texts, meaning that sign offs are less necessary.

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