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Lady Damodred* Providing the perfect textual description for this mod found within the game interface.

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With impressive sales and very reasonable fees, I’ve had nothing but good fortune with them.- Click on "Select DAZips"- Choose the directory where you downloaded the mod- Select the new version, Click "open"- Then Select the mod in the field (colored blue) - Click on "Install Selected"Uninstall:=======Use mod manager to uninstall.Dress Selection: ===========You may download the "Wedding dress collection" separately located inthe same download site. I am immensely grateful to all those who assisted me in production.Cmessaz: You were there for me for just about anything I needed, whenever I needed! My QA team: Sunjammer Cmessaz Lanfaer01FFzero Inclemency Yankee23Tuppence95Silver Steel Wolf Aeowyn Dani80Addai67Lady Damodred Sylvanaerie Thank you to all members of this team for your incredible efforts.I am extremely grateful for your devoted help towards making this mod a Quality scene!The "Alistair Mod" group* Storyline continuity * Information on possible attendees* Input and thoughts with regards to the initial design phase.

Bioware Social Network Toolset Forum Thank you for all your answers and support!

DLANImmortality:* Literally walking me through Plots, Dialogue editing and manipulation, and helping me overall with the initial integration phase.

Theo (DLANS Mate)* Writing the initial scripts for scene integration Beerfish* Working on Finding that script to allow me to Equip Player!

Installation:========Use Modmanager to uninstall any previous version.

Install the new Dazip file with DA Updater How to use DAupdater:- is located in your Dragon Age installation folder, Dragon Agebin_ship directory.

If loading time is considerablylonger than that, your system may not play the scene as intended.(see "Performance Issues" section)When the scene completes you will see the Epilogue Slides as usual.

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