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The Cool Tube preamp features a single 12AU7 running at low voltage and may be blended with the input signal to give it as much warmth as you need.Direct replacement for recent Pro J Series Takamine instruments with existing CTP1 preamps.

This preamp has a tuner built in,three bands of Graphic EQ,with a mid-shift control.

The New CTP-2 Cool Tube also includes adjustment controls for the tube and an external microphone.

It still includes bass and treble tone controls, semi-parametric midrange, a second-source input and blend control & Chromatic Tuner. The Cool-Tube features an onboard tuner and an auxiliary input jack and volume knob, which can control an additional add-on pickup of your choice.

The CTP-1 is powered by 4 AA batteries, which will deliver approximately 24 hours of playing time. Using the latest analogue-to-digital conversion technology, the DSP preamp translates the output of Takamine's exclusive Palathetic bridge pickup into high-resolution digital code.

Once in the digital domain, the signals from the pickup are processed by a computer program which precisely adjusts all of the audio parameters the preamp is designed to control.

With the sliders set at the midpoint (0) the electric signal from the guitar is evenly balanced across the frequency range.

The desired tone is then dialed in by using the sliders to add or subtract frequency response as desired.

Operates on 4 AA batteries which will deliver approximately 24 hours of playing time.

Improvements over the original CTP-1 include a mute button and a faster warm up time that is quieter with no volume swell.

Dating a G series instrument, however, is not so simple and there is no hard and fast rule.

) The Takamine Cool Tube CTP-2 Series two preamp delivers rich and extraordinary tone for acoustic players!

Other features include volume control and onboard tuner.

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