Online christian dating ethics

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Online christian dating ethics - chistian dating

Over 130,000 Christians have joined the network so far, and c Match currently features more than 10,000 active profiles made by relationship-oriented men and women.With exhaustively vetted profiles, a clutter-free inbox, and a proprietary matching algorithm, the site upholds Christian values in every aspect of their business model.

c Match members hail from countries and regions around the world, including the U.When you browse these profiles, you’ll see only verified members active on the site.Unlike other dating websites, c Match doesn’t pad their numbers with fake profiles.The app shows users other users who are interested and then it’s up to them to make the virtual first move.This type of dating is increasingly becoming norm.“There’s something beautiful about meeting someone without any technology,” Ms. “But at this point I think [digital dating] is the closest thing to meeting someone naturally.”Online dating is one of the ten industries that will be affected by smart phones the most, according to market research group IBISWorld.Tinder, which launched in October, is a free anonymous dating app that “matches” people with other users within a 30-mile radius based on mutual interest and mutual Facebook friends.

Alexa Mateen, the social media director at Tinder, says the beauty of Tinder is that it is “kind of a second chance to meet people you wouldn’t naturally meet.”“There’s nothing too binding about it,” says Ms. “What’s scary about other websites is people were afraid and embarrassed to be on it.”From friendships to relationships, Tinder is whatever people want it to be, she says.Date My School, an online dating site for students and alumni from different schools, plans on creating its own app in the near future, according its website. Alexa says his company hopes to “shake this status quo” with a cooler, safer, more private, and more efficient way of dating.“It's all about the ability to learn and the willingness to change: innovation spreads always faster with young people,” he added.The Short Version: A Christian-owned dating site, c Match is at the forefront of values-based dating for an international community of singles.“As Christians, we believe everyone is worthwhile,” Chris stated.“We focus on the person The global c Match team is on a mission to keep the site safe for all users, and the measures they take are top-notch.In 2011, “Americans spent a greater share of time on mobile dating apps than they did on dating websites,” according to the report.

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