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Shymansdatingschool com

Does fear of rejection paralyze you so that you can't walk up to some fine filly and say, "Hey, hot ass, let me take you to Love Land"? If that's the case, there is hope beyond a life of perpetual log-flogging. Attention, all cross-dressers: Need black patent-leather ankle straps with the word "SEX" spelled in rhinestones on the 4-inch heels?

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But whether she's championing gay rights or literacy, a portion of sales go to local and national nonprofits. While his performances (clothed and unclothed) are for the most part on an impromptu basis, his résumé includes the circus at the Crystal Ballroom earlier this year and a few stints at Chunk 666 bike-gang parties (but more importantly, he's the reigning champion of Voodoo Doughnuts' prestigious Cock Fest 2004). Well, they're all nice, but if you want the first kiss to be truly breathtaking, get your head out of the clouds and pick someplace low--really low.

"It gives you a shot of adrenaline that's visible to the audience." Miss Fur dances weekly gigs at Dante's Sinferno Cabaret and Mary's Club (where she performs her more explicit routines); and a complete schedule is available at

Fellas, do emails mocking your tiny penis and inept love-making skills play on your already fragile self-esteem?

When Madeline Kokes received good news about her breast cancer--a lumpectomy, four rounds of chemo and six weeks of radiation apparently had worked--she wanted to celebrate. Instead, just as dark was falling on June 16, the 44-year-old gathered friends and family, decorated all their chests with body paint and pasties, and led a colorful, topless victory parade around her Laurelhurst neighborhood.

The event, dubbed the First Annual Bare-Chested Boobie Romp Around the Block, was a way "to celebrate all breasts, no matter how small or big or what shape or what they've been through," Kokes says.

Portland has its share of graffiti, but nothing puts a smile on one's face like walking down the street and seeing a stunning "Vagina" scrawled in beautiful, cursive-style letters. Her love of the early-'60s go-go era, along with "that cheesiness factor" of performers like Ann-Margret and Nancy Sinatra, inspires sets in which she takes on a multitude of erotic guises.

Vagina's subversive street artist cum calligrapher reclaims and celebrates the V-word in every stroke of dazzling silver paint. They include a baton-twirling Rose Festival majorette, a rain-loving minx in see-through slicker and flower pasties, and a silver-skinned robot girl with blinking pasties in a crowd of dancing toy robots, to name a few.

A score of Washington County folks showed naked enthusiasm for historical preservation when they posed nude in an attempt to raise some cash for a big purchase. The two-story Greek Revival house, one of only 12 similar structures left standing in Oregon, was unoccupied (unless you count meth-cooking squatters).

The object of desire (and the site of the photo shoot) was the 150-year-old A. The resulting calendar project raised a few eyebrows and ,000--enough for a down payment on the 4,000 property, which includes two acres of land near Gales Creek.

Cerebrally chapped bookworms found relief in July when local webmaster Stacy Bias debuted Literati Lip Balm, a puckery library of lip smackers titled after lit heavyweights like Shake Spearmint, Poe Megranate, Alcott Apricot and Brontë Berry.

"I'm a writer and an editor, so this was the next logical step," says Bias, who edits and created the super-sized local celebration Fat Girl Speaks in '03. "because not much rhymes with Dickinson." Get schmeared with the written word at In Other Words (3734 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 232-6003) or at

I coach Colin Pomeroy through his latest relationship dilemma. Today on Session's with Steven brought to you by the Shy Man's Dating School Podcast Series, Colin and I address the critics of the 30 Day - 30... Today on Sessions with Steven, I decode what a woman means when she says, "I'm just not feeling it tonight." I give Colin the guidelines on how to respond so that she doesn't use sex as a tool.