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Satanism holds individualism as one of their values simply stating: “we don’t expect all of our members to agree on everything, or even to ‘get along’ with each other.” A fundamental “house rule” for the church is that “those who affiliate are not required to like, appreciate, or praise one another—which should be expected with an association of wildly diverse individuals.However, they must refrain from publicly attacking or antagonising each other.” “To us, Satan is the symbol that best suits the nature of we who are carnal by birth—people who feel no battles raging between our thoughts and feelings, we who do not embrace the concept of a soul imprisoned in a body.

She said this made it “a bigger issue than Michelle Mulherin”.

The church believes one can be a Satanist without being a member of their organisation.

Although the church does not solicit for memberships, one can pay membership fees of two hundred dollars.

The calls were consistently the most expensive made from Leinster House. Indeed for the most part they pertained to a third party, who is a private citizen, who had been maligned and defamed in a newspaper article because of association with me and potential legal action arising there from.” She later added: “I had communications with Dan over a period of time and as I say he’s somebody that I would have dealings with in relation to political situations.” The RTÉ journalist who broke the phonecalls story, Ken Foxe, has pointed out on Twitter that many of the calls made to Kenya pre-date the newspaper article in question: Mulherin said she was not in a position to explain any of the figures as “all of this is coming at me from the media”.

Speaking to Today with Seán O’Rourke, the Mayo TD confirmed the calls were made to an individual by the name of Danson Kole who she said had been “maligned and defamed” in the media. She said she has written to the Ceann Comhairle seeking that he “get to the bottom of it”.

Mulherin added that she would “absolutely no problem making a refund if that’s what’s required”.

“I didn’t act outside the jurisdiction of what I am allowed to do as part of my job as a politician,” she said.

The church asks if you are satisfied with your sexual life, you are ideal physically attractive sex partner, how many years you could like to live, the kind of car that you could like to drive, questions that largely touch on material well-being. I want to join because I want to be successful in life,” Weslay, a 23-year-old told us.

Members of the church carry red cards that they use to identify themselves as members and things like “group hugs” are forbidden.

All memberships are processed only through the New York office.

There are two basic degrees of membership in the Church of Satan – “active” and “registered” – whereby every member, upon induction, begins as an active member and becomes registered if they are invited to do so by church leadership.

There are individuals who are not happy that they are asked to give a lot of money before they can join the church. Papre told The Nairobian that this is the third time that he is paying to join the church after two unsuccessful bids.