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“It is true that Odessa is crowded with stunning beauties but unfortunately, many of young girls look for easy ways, a rich foreign husband able to pave their way to happier future,” a newly appointed Ukrainian presidential adviser Maria Gaidar told The Daily Beast in a recent interview.

Yelena Gerasimova from Luhansk despised the idea of prostitution, she did not have time to date foreign men, either.

The men with saggy skin and round bellies looked desperate, struggling to make the weekend plans with a few emotional gestures and simple English words.

The two girls at their table looked 18-year-old or younger, while their dates could be older than their fathers.

Nikolayenko’s friends in Odessa pointed out that in spite of the age difference—Ruffin was 47 years older than his Ukrainian wife—the couple had two children and lived happily in that desired-by-many luxurious lifestyle.

Was Ukrainian Cinderella helping her country and its people suffering from crises?

The professional suitor explained to her client that there was no need to hurry, that there plenty of romantic foreigners in Odessa these days.

“Our male clients, some in their late 50’s or mid 60’s, look for Slavic women, preferably models, like Melania; and girls want to find their Trumps,” the marriage agent, a tall woman fit to be a model herself, told The Daily Beast.

Odessa’s famous Cinderella was a top model Olexandra Nikolayenko. presidential elections, the 35-year old blond Nikolayenko was photographed next to the newly elected President Donald Trump alongside Nikolayenko’s husband, 82-year-old billionaire Phil Ruffin.

Journalists referred to her as to “President Donald Trump’s best Ukrainian friend,” and young Ukrainian models dreamt to have her fate. The photograph went viral on Ukrainian news websites: the model in a tight white dress revealing her fit figure as she and her husband Ruffin spent the election night at the Republican Party’s HQ.

This week Europe opened its doors for Ukraine: a majority of European Parliament members voted to cancel visa requirements for Ukrainian visitors.

Odessa, Ukraine’s booming center of sex tourism and “bride” trade, drank and cheered to the melting borders with the West.

Nikolayenko’s beauty career began when a 15-year-old schoolgirl came with her father, an army officer to Odessa’s oldest model agency, Savrox Models.