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I don't happen to agree, but I don't control him," she suggests.Read the rest of her answer.[Tribune Content Agency]My boyfriend and I are in college. We talked about getting married after the first year.

The victim says (flippantly) "Don't mess with me, I can get people fired around here."This just rubbed me the wrong way and I want to say something to HR?

Amy Dickinson points out that the letter writer doesn't really have the ability to "allow" his or her husband to protest.

"If you don't like your husband doing this, you can differentiate from him publicly by saying, 'He has the right to his own point of view.

Since my older son is a minor and the account is in my name, I am able to transfer some of the value to our other son's account.

Part of me thinks this is fair, since the investment plan wasn't initiated by either of our children, so I can't tell my younger son that his brother deserves the money due to his own wise planning.

I don't know what to do, but I do know I can't sleep with him now, knowing he's married. It was obviously unwanted and made everyone, including me, uncomfortable, and I tried to warn him privately multiple times he should cut those comments off because I thought he was misinterpreting how she felt about him and he was getting a reputation for being the creepy guy in the office.

Carolyn Hax gives the letter writer a real (virtual) talking-to. Well, this week one night after work (I wasn't present for this) he followed her to her car and tried to give her a "goodbye hug." She declined, he wouldn't drop it, she had to threaten to call the cops to get him to leave.Needless to say, she complained to HR and my friend was fired...But today something happened that rubbed me the wrong way.Our problem is what to do about our younger son, who is unlikely to see the same return on his investments.We have unwittingly created a situation of extreme inequality among our kids.I find out he got married while we were still sleeping together.

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