Dating canco cans

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Dating canco cans - ps2 dating game

I just received a copy of my great grandfather's World War I draft registration card. Those firms remaining in operation were assigned a number that was printed on the tin/can. Edwin Norton, a leader in the formation, became the newly found enterprise's first president with headquarters in Chicago.

- Richmond, Virginia, a center for the tobacco industry bore a business first making lithographed metal tobacco tags in 1891.The chest has a brass piano type hinge and the lid is not removable.Determining a quart’s exact age is rarely possible, but the break in production for five years during WWII is a dividing line that puts most into a meaningful context.May - June '36 Crown Cork & Seal, along with others, accuse American and Continental of conspiring with steel mills to keep new canning businesses from growing. But Mc Keesport's National Can is still having problems with their "double lined" cans.The smaller canners, like Crown, claim American and Continental are overpaying steel mills to prevent them from selling to smaller companies... Iron City ads (like the one above) appear in various periodicals until late November 1936, then sudden- ly vanish.Spring '36 The Paris Can Trying to solve (a) the problem of opening flat tops, and (b) the problem of stacking cone tops in grocery store displays, Robert Paris introduces his universally stackable design to the brewing community.

However, the Paris Can will never make it past the drawing board."Beer is packed in this container for your benefit. It tells the history of the founding of Whittall Can Company by my grandfather up to its sale to Continental Can Company of Canada and on. Whittall's daughter and I knew him for several years in early childhood. In looking up the company today I found the history of Continental Can Company of Canada Limited on the University of Western Ontario ' Business and Industry' site.- by the 1870's the firm was well received by customers for it's high quality and craftmanship.Their mastering of one-color lithography, with shadings and gentle lines mixing with thicker ones, produced greater depth and detailing.It is protected from the harm- ful effects of light on its delicate pro- tein content, and by this modern up-to- date method of packing beer, you can now be sure of drinking a brew which has the same clear amber color and delicious taste as the ice-cold beer which flows from the ageing vats."Early flat top beer cans contained instruction panels on opening procedures; six examples are pictured to the right.

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