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There were a surprising number of kids in the neighborhood, and one can only wonder how they would have been influenced by the thriving brothels of Dolly’s yesteryears.

But Dolly, once Southeast Asia’s largest red-light district, is now a ghost town.At the time, the workers there were producing cheap Indonesian soccer cleats.It soon became apparent that there were no former prostitutes being trained and working in this small factory.The Surabaya city government officially shut down sexual practices in Dolly on June 18, 2014.Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini, who was recently named one of the Best Mayors in the World for “energetically promoting her social, economic and environmental policies in Indonesia’s second-largest city,” was the main force behind Dolly’s closure.It had been five months since the closure of Dolly in Surabaya, Indonesia, when Coconuts TV journeyed deep into what was once Southeast Asia’s largest red light district.

Speaking to prostitutes, activists and politicians, we investigated the political and social fallout of the closure.

Even after receiving Rp 5 million compensation from the government, many prostitutes, like the girls we interviewed, still had no choice but to keep working in the sex industry.

Only now, working in the sex industry in Surabaya presents greater dangers than ever before. sex workers in Dolly used to receive monthly HIV and STD checks from the city health department.

Our goal was to find out what the future holds for Dolly and the people whose lives had become entwined with its sex industry. Before its shutdown, people used to say that the Surabayan red-light district was a beacon of sexual liberation in Indonesia, the country with the largest Muslim population in the world.

Ask anyone who visited Dolly in its heyday, and they’ll tell you about the red light district’s raucous and debaucherous atmosphere.

Kids are now out playing in the open on Dolly Lane.

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