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Have you found a potential new favorite show, but can’t find it in you to delete the past episodes of “So You Think You Can Dance”?(Great show btw) Find out a bit about the show and tell a friend with similar tastes.

I tell people that my sister’s dog Ash was named after Ashton Kutcher. That has been since overshadowed by the fact that I once threw a knife that hit her eyeglasses and also said a homeless person looked like her Mom.The middle item is a screen capture from the Malcolm Couch Film showing the storm drain in question.The below left photo is of a Remington XP-100 Fireball handgun similar to the one Johnny Roselli may have used in the JFK assassination.When a new restaurant opens that sounds a little too good to be true, find a friend who has similar taste in food and encourage them to go there.When a reasonable band puts out an album that’s unlike anything they’ve done but you’re still ear-hustlin’ 15 new albums on your i Tunes playlist, recommend to a friend.Ever wondered what would happen if a staple item just suddenly disappeared? That’s what makes this an good technique — no one thinks about this. Take a very useful item from their home and hide it somewhere else in their home.

Check this technique, playa: You’re chilling in the cut at your BBFL’s house. It should be an item that your BFFL won’t notice at first (i.e.His technique was stealing the kitchen centerpiece: the wall clock. It’s a phenomenon that takes internet stalking into the thunderdome. Posting updates whenever they eat a particularly delicious turkey club sandwich. I would never be able to sign along with “Happy Together” by the Turtles if I’d never participated in “Flashing Fingers”, a sign language program I went to as a child for free at my public library.The anonymity of hiding in the quiet dark behind your computer screen can make you speak up when you would otherwise be quiet, rise up when you would normally stand down. Letting you know HOW ANGRY THEY ARE ABOUT TEH FLIPPIN DMV!!!!!! Bragging when they go to a cool concert of an indie band that did. And the fun to be had isn’t just reserved for kids.Your BFFL heads to the bathroom to take a potty break, kitchen for a snack, backyard for a jog — what have you. wall clock, remotes, telephone base, bathroom handsoap, alarm clock), but also something that will drive them crazy when they realize that it is gone. mc:lp As the proud daughter of an awesome librarian, it annoys me that these amazing places are desperately underused and ignored by the 18 to 24 yr old demographic to which I belong.The photos above document an actual raid that was performed by Brandon Scaglione at 1154 Stonybrook Rd. Facebook is a thriving internet community that helps you connect with old and new friends, family, co-workers, douchey ex-boyfriends and people who you graduated with but never once talked to in high school. Your mental image of a library might be a dim and daunting labyrinth of dusty old tomes, where harsh old women shush you and quash your youthful fervor. Modern libraries are warm, inviting places that encourage knowledge, learning and yes, even fun. I crafted an entire fake conversation that we had together. Lying to strangers is a great way to start before you get your family, friends and boss in on the fun.

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