Apple options back dating

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Apple options back dating - christian dating video

I then had to problem getting my Tilt to connect to it because I copied a file over to it using Missing/Sync that contained the key and opened it on the phone a copied the key and pasted it onto the setup wizard. The PSP on the other had took more time as I had to use the keyboard to enter the 64 char hex key.

Thanks Tor: I haven't heard any more problems from my friend, so I assume it is working well.

There are plenty of nice NAS products out there; depends on what you're looking for (Netgear, Linksys, Drobo, Synology, Maxtor, Western Digital, Seagate).

Hope that helps :) I recently purchased a new i Mac and a new Airport extreme base station and the combination works well.

I've tried all sorts of combinations but I just can't get it to work. Cheers Sean Sean: Try disabling wireless security and see if that works. So basically, I want to:- 1) setup my mac to work like a wifi router 2) use this wifi router to give internet access to my wm6 phone which is wifi capable. Wow, that's coincidental - I was just checking that phone out at my local 3 store because my mate's raving about it.

If it does, then you know it is your security settings. I'd love to be able to help you in detail, but I don't actually have a Mac (love to get one though :) ).

I am sure this process would work with other WM6 phones that have Wi Fi I have a couple of laptops and comp on either Vista or XP and am thinking of getting the Airport Extreme and connecting an external USB hard drive to share for the network. ) Are there any external drives which will powerdown when not in use and can the AE manage this?

Some questions: Does the airport extreme really work well with Windows? I obviously don't want to have to physically turn the drive on every time someone wants to use it, at the same time don't want the drive to be spinning 24/7.I had to play around with it for awhile but I finally got connected.I setup the base station to use WPA2 and selected Pre-Shared Key and as the password type, then I supplied a 64 character key/password and I set it to use channel 1.Once they can connect, it should generally work well.I don't think Apple will deliberately impede non-Apple devices from connecting to its router; after all, most households aren't complete Apple households. The 32GB 'limit' is an artificial limit imposed by XP/Vista because using FAT32 for disks larger than 32GB is inefficient compared to NTFS (once over 32GB, you get less 'space' when formatted using FAT32 compared to using NTFS).For encryption type, it should be AES if you're using WPA/WPA2 Personal (unless you fiddled with it).

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