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Her clothes started to become sultrier, she would wear more makeup than she had before, she would use expensive perfumes, and such.

She told me how she had been starting to become sexually attracted to her son and she knew this was evil.

I liked nothing more than being hugged by her and feeling her breasts rub up against me while being lost in he vapors of her musk mixed with the scent of crushed roses she always wore.

Since we only had each other, she began to depend on me more and more to be the man of the house.

Little by little I was able to get her into private conversations. One night I asked her why she liked younger guys on the chat site.

I guess she had grown to trust me because she told me they reminded her of her son.

Yet take a lusty woman, like her, and keep her away from all men but one, me, for almost six years… One night I happened to come into her room when she was in the bathroom and I noticed she was on a adult chat site under the name, Hot Mama.

We both had our own computers in our own rooms and separate phone lines for both of them.Our weird relationship developed this way over a few months without her ever suspecting me.However she was starting to flirt with me more and more at home.I don't know how it started except that one night I had wet dream about her and since then she was all I wanted. My Dad took off one day and she never heard from him again until she got his divorce papers. She was 45, always dressed conservatively, and acted prim and proper. To look at her you would think she was the All American Mom. Underneath her stoic veneer was a tall woman of 5'10".She had naturally large full breasts that could not be played down.So she would log on to try to find men to make her forget about him yet she would gravitate only to the younger ones who reminded her of him.

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