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The eyes should be carefully observed, preferably in a subdued light, for the presence of nystagmus.Vestibular nystagmus typically consists of a horizontal-rotatory, jerky motion with a slow and a fast component.

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Imbalance with dizziness as referent was more likely to be stroke (Stroke 2006;84) BPPV AVS-acute vestibular syndrome Treatment Article (Walker MF Treatment of Vestibular Neuritis) quick phase nystagmus towards the intact ear) treat with steroid taper similar to Bell’s palsy Hi NTS (Stroke 2009;40: XX Kattah JC) Head Impulse horizontal head impulse test is a measure of the (VOR) vestibulo-ocular reflex normal VOR=central abnormal leans towards AVS, but does not rule-out central Nystagmus AVS should be associated with horizontal nystagmus that beats predominantly in one direction and increases in intensity when the patient looks in the direction of the fast phase.The most prominent symptoms of tumors in the brain stem are hearing loss and tinnitus, rather than vertigo.Acoustic neuromas are benign schwannomas of the vestibular nerve sheath and are the most common cerebellopontine angle tumor.An endolymphatic mastoid shunt may be placed in the endolymphatic sac to decompress excess endolymph, or a selective sectioning of the vestibular nerve may be performed.In cases in which vertigo is disabling and there is no longer any useful hearing, a labyrinthectomy, with destruction of the neural elements, results in an effective control of vertigo.The attack of vertigo reaches a maximal intensity within minutes of its onset then slowly subsides over the next several hours.

The patient is usually left with a sense of unsteadiness and dizziness after the acute episode.The episodes may occur at irregular intervals for years, with periods of remission unpredictably intermixed.Eventually the syndrome reaches a phase, resulting in significant permanent hearing loss but a cessation of the vertigo. Multiple causes have been suspected, including allergy, an autoimmune disorder, viral infection, and hormonal effects.8 The pathologic correlate is an excessive accumulation of endolymph, resulting in hydrops.Possible etiologic clues include pressure asymmetry; orthostatic blood pressure change; cardiac irregularities; ear, nose, and throat abnormalities; head or neck bruit; abnormal range of neck motion; congenital abnormalities; or the stigmata of other illness that may cause dizziness.The primary utility of the general neurologic evaluation is in looking for other indications or clinical signs that imply brain stem or other central nervous system sources for the patient’s complaints.In most cases, the patient is able to localize the symptom to the involved ear because of the associated hearing-related symptoms.

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