Who is yung berg dating

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Who is yung berg dating - quebec dating show

In the video, when asked by C Nikky about cheating, all the rappers seemed to agree cheating comes along with the territory. Later on in the interview, the rappers were asked about their girl ‘smashing the homie’ and if they would accept that.All the rappers seemed to agree on that as well, basically saying it depends on where, when and which homie. Not being quite clear, Soulja Boy later comes back to say he was saying that he ‘would’ smash K. Check out the interview of the men from the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast talking about dating and women.

Berg has a perfect body and has brown eyes and black hair.He had been previously signed to DMX’s Bloodline Records as Iceberg.Yung Berg also featured on the Exit Wounds soundtrack, and he then signed to Epic Records.The past two weeks he has been posting pics of all the girls he used to date and giving shout outs to online THOTS. He and Miss Joie unfollowed each other and she put out a subliminal message explaining how she’s feeling and what she’s learned through the breakup.Trust me we will see all this and more play out on the series this September.Bow Wow’s baby mom Joie Chavez is rumored to be making her reality TV debut on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood as the girl friend of rapper Yung Berg however rumor has it that her love interest is neither Bow Wow nor producer ex-boo Hitboy.

She should be embarrassed by the fact she has slept with and had a baby by Bow Wow now she has been linked to Yung Berd and producer Hitman and those two are on the same reality show.Christian Ward, age 31, better known by his stage name Yung Berg, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Chicago.Yung’s first single was ‘Sexy Lady’ that features R & B singer junior released in April 2007.We already the women that are already on this show will have no respect for her because how she is playing herself.Its evident she is looking for the long paper not the short paper.Soulja Boy, who is currently dating girlfriend Nia Riley, who’s the daughter of singer and music producer Teddy Riley, was dishing out the ‘real’ along with Fizz and Yung Berg.