Updating trainz driver

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Updating trainz driver

) we will be driving the “Content Cleanup” program to reach an error free DLS listing.The next edition of “Trainz Driver Journeys” is also nearly ready for release.

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The detail in the route is incredible, and with all new engines and sessions this is going to be a must for any fan of Trainz who has been following our mobile releases over the years.With over 350,000 items on the DLS and more and more of them being updated to the latest standards, there is a lifetime of free content to download and explore.Next week we will be updating the “Content Repair List” to validate content against the latest Trainz content creation standards.With our new Trainz Content Creators Program, we are working closely with a number of creators who are producing some of the highest quality routes and engines for release throughout this year and beyond.There will also be plenty of beta testing opportunities in the months ahead as we strive to deliver the best ever range of content for the “New Era” of Trainz Of course the “DLS” has been a differentiating point for Trainz since it first opened some 15 years ago.As more and more people upgrade their hardware over the coming years, we are sure to see the 64-bit future of Trainz growing even stronger.

Running in parallel to our PC and Mac versions, Trainz has also built an incredibly strong following in the mobile space.

When Trainz first began, the concept (we thought) was simple: provide software to allow people to create their own train world to whatever size and level of detail they desire.

Some people build full scale prototypical worlds while others focus on a more compressed view much like a “model railroad” world.

) is designed to give our wonderful community an idea of just some of the many things we are working on and planning.

With the recent release of Trainz A New Era – Service Pack 1, we have delivered our full set of original “Kickstarter” goals and created a brand new platform for Trainz to build upon for years to come.

This is a necessary step that ensures that content works correctly and as efficiently as possible.

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