Dating and job search

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Dating and job search

Would I look unqualified if I said “no” to my willingness towards working overtime?

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You start with creating a username and password, then proceed to fill out the usual set of personal information: name, address, location, etc.These are similar to the questions on dating sites that are meant to find your “perfect match.” Each question is a basic “yes” or “no.” Some are the same as you’d find on a typical job application like, “Can you legally work in the United States?” Once again, while I knew that Monikl expects honest answers, it was difficult for me not to think about these questions strategically.Ultimately, time will tell if this idea catches on.While I wait, maybe I’ll finally find that perfect match the old fashion way… While Monikl tries to stand out by encouraging a more in depth kind of job search process, I found it difficult to stray away from the normal job application rhetoric.

It was hard to describe myself as a “fun loving guy with lots of unique experience” instead of a “qualified, hard worker with a diverse range of work experience.” After uploading a professional picture, like a head shot, then you move on to a series of questions.

At least, I’m pretty sure that’s what science says these days. They’ve rolled out a new platform that promises to bring the “flawless” record of online dating to job seekers.

Spending hours on end trying to find a good ad, researching the company, customizing the resume and cover letter, it’s all tedious but necessary. Cautiously optimistic, I decided to give this new service a try.

Work and play – We practice as a team and we win as a team – work and play is important.

That's why we foster an environment of collaboration, whether it be at cross-functional Innovation Sessions or throwing back a few brews, we know that job satisfaction boils down to loving what you do while working with wildly talented colleagues.

Some of these questions are unavoidable in a job application setting, but it’s difficult to answer them honestly without worrying that you might be shooting yourself in the foot.