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Along with dropping support for the client, the Freedom Chat network also switched its name back to Talking IRC, registering the domain.In June of 2008, Fmillion was stripped of all administrative privileges and his server was banished from the network due to long-standing issues between him and the rest of the administration.

He also re-coded Freedom Chat to ensure it would only be used on his new network. Since the Freedom Chat software utilizes special features and bots provided by whichever network it is on, it is important that it not be used on other networks in its current state.

Aladdin decided at that point to leave the BOFHNet network.

Thankfully, in the end this did not hurt his friendship with BOFH in a significant way, but it was a hard situation for everyone.

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Home Chat Using your Web Browser Chat Using an IRC Client on Your Computer About the Talking IRC Network Download Freedom Chat Client (DEPRECATED!

Before ace ran BOFHNet with BOFH, he had hosted a few networks, including Brandon And Rob, Arcticland, Inforgiven-Chat, and Free-Chatline.

He did not like being just a normal user without privileges, so he hooked up with his friend snow_dog in June of 2003 and started a network called Tundra-Com.

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Thus, Aladdin coded an authorization system to ensure that Freedom Chat would only be usable on the network he ran it on.

After ace had left the BOFHNet network, he took the few users who supported him, plus his friends, and hosted them on other servers where he would usually have some type of position in the staff or just be a normal user himself.

For the next year and a half, fmillion and BOFH worked together to run the BOFHNet network.

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