Trigger updating

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Trigger updating

Triggers can be created directly from Transact-SQL statements or from methods of assemblies that are created in the Microsoft .

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Obfuscates the text of the CREATE TRIGGER statement.

This option is required for triggers on memory-optimized tables and is not supported for triggers on traditional tables.

FOR | AFTER AFTER specifies that the DML trigger is fired only when all operations specified in the triggering SQL statement have executed successfully.

NATIVE_COMPILATION Indicates that the trigger is natively compiled.

SCHEMABINDING Ensures that tables that are referenced by a trigger cannot be dropped or altered.

Applies the scope of a DDL or logon trigger to the current server.

If specified, the trigger fires whenever occurs anywhere in the current server.

However, you can define views on views where each view has its own INSTEAD OF trigger.

INSTEAD OF triggers are not allowed on updatable views that use WITH CHECK OPTION.

Specifying the fully qualified name of the table or view is optional.

A view can be referenced only by an INSTEAD OF trigger.

A trigger is a special kind of stored procedure that automatically executes when an event occurs in the database server.

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