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The way he looked at me joking and laughing with his friends really did it for me."24. But the moment I truly realized I love him was when both of us were on the couch, laughing until we both started crying hysterically.

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"I was sitting at my computer doing some work, and he came over, touched my shoulder, and kissed the top of my head. I gave up my California life to go back to frozen Wisconsin. Was fighting with my best friend and just wasn't feeling well.

So just find someone like that and you're set, I guess?

Here are the 30 most beautiful "the moment I knew" stories from women ages 18 to 34:1.

He bought a ginormous bottle of aloe and gently applied it to my back every 30 minutes all day without a single complaint.

In those moments, I discovered I was in love with that man. 'You had me at aloe.' Not exactly the love scene I imagined for myself when sobbing to , but it's my love story."30.

"My boyfriend and I were about to watch football so we had ordered a pizza.

The pizza place was about three blocks from the house so he just walked to pick it up.

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We had only been dating for a few months, but my boyfriend turned to me and made a comment in the same accent as the actor.

I didn't cringe or feel the need to run out of the room. That's just when I realized, things that drive me crazy in other people, I love when he does them."26. Anyway, one night after drinking a lot, my boyfriend proceeds to throw up for HOURS.

Because we at love everything about love — falling in it, being in it, making it — we asked readers what, precisely, made them fall in love with their partners.

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