What to expect dating someone with bipolar disorder

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What to expect dating someone with bipolar disorder - cheating via internet dating sites

Anyway, I gave him a bit of grief that night about it. Friday was great, mucking around and sleeping together like we always do.

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Casually he said, but I know it wouldn't be the last time I would here from you, I didn't understand what he meant by this.

The next morning (Sunday), we got up late, I had a shower, went downstairs to do some washing up and sat down in the living room. His reply was "Yes, I do." He went upstairs and came back down again.

He came down and he asked when I was thinking of leaving and I said "Why? And I asked him why he wanted me to go when usually he's asking me to spend an extra night with him.

He also said that he pretends to be this fun, upbeat person to distract away from the fact that sometimes he wants to kill himself. The only thing I think he's had a problem with was me denying him on Saturday night and the fact that he feels he's doing all the work because I'm not comfortable with going on top.

I said to him I just don't understand how he can go from really liking someone to never wanting to see them again. He then said, I'm a bad person, I'm not a catch, look at me, I don't even know why you want to be with me?

I told him that I'm not too serious, he has only seen one side of me.

I've met his friends and family but he hasn't seen me around my friends and my family and we're always over at his house, we don't go out so there's no way for him to see another side of me.

I can be a fun person to be around plus he makes me silly and I'm silly with him.

I also mentioned that I was planning on asking him to come with me to my friends party the following weekend as a way of seeing this other happy, fun side.

From about a month in he was desperate to tell me he loved me but I held him back because it was too soon.

Two months in and I have fallen for him hard, two weeks ago he actually told me he loved me properly and last week I told him I loved him too, things turned more passionate and intense.

I told him that I loved him and cared for him and that there doesn't need to be a reason for why I feel that way about him.

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