Chat with futanaris

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Chat with futanaris

It looks like you have all arrived and so, let's begin. We will have a break for light refreshments and to give you access to our computer lab where you can conduct internet research to help you decide the program for which you want to volunteer.

I am glad you are interested in X-Change X-Treme (X-C X-T). Up until now, the regular program has worked by manipulating the DNA which each person already has. What we want from all of you now, is a list of the enhancements that you would like to have which some animals already have. And for those who volunteer for the new X-Change X-Treme Program, you won't be able to try out anything new, yet, because it hasn't been developed yet. You will specify what changes you want incorporated into each pill, and then the pill will be custom formulated for you. But in the meantime, until the X-Treme doses are ready, you will be given regular doses to play with. You all attended a seminar where a couple used special slow-acting X-C pills so that you could observe the changes closely as they took place. a blue pill changes you to male, a pink pill changes you to female in less than a minute. For all those of you who volunteer for our regular X-Change Program, I think we can find you doses with which to 'play.' We want all our volunteers to be happy and to transform as often as they wish. X-Change just allows you to switch back and forth as often as possible. X-C X-T is giving you the opportunity to make it reality. I suspect all of you have some kind of a wish, or dream, or fantasy similar to Fred's. After the agreed on time had elapsed, I was given the pill to transform me back. I will personally craft pills for you and your guy to any specs you want. " As they walked away, both pondered the intensity of the bond they both felt at first meeting. When we got to the section that manipulates human DNA, that girl Brenda brought up the eight breasts idea again.

I have experienced it myself, but I did it with someone I trusted and we put a time limit on the transformation. When the pause became embarrassingly long, Dean coughed breaking the spell and the eye contact, and said, "Well, Sissy, I am looking forward to working with you.

And in those stories, the women just grow bigger human breasts and give milk. Olivia calls me her 'Tiger,' but I think I'd rather be a lion. It turns us on, but before today we both thought that it was impossible—just a fantasy—but we found out just now on the internet that blue whales cum over four gallons at a time. " "Yes." "While you're on the subject of fish, my girl Isabella and I—I'm Liam, by the way—we like swimming. But all these people are working hard to bring excitement into your life by making all kinds of transformation possible. We have to keep a human head to preserve the ability to speak. On the good side, it was a real rush to be exposed to some bitches in heat, and to experience the effect which that had on me. If I get eight breasts, I want them to be doggy breasts. She quickly drove to the X-C building and made her way to Dean's doggy section.

But, Willie and I like to read stories on the net about hucows or cowgirls. " "I'm Mason, and I learned on the internet just now that male lions can mate 60 times a day. Ellen and I like stories about cum inflation where a guy cums so much into a woman's mouth or pussy or ass that she blows up like a balloon. Could I lay an egg instead and have my kids that way? Their babies are tiny and easily slip out of their womb. They just pop out and then they grow up in the kangaroo's pouch. To tell you the truth, there isn't much to see—just people looking through microscopes, or reading information off the dials of the various test equipment. I will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about doing it 'doggy' style." After most of the group had moved on with Dr. He said I could stay and talk with you because he wanted to see what else was being offered. But to tell you the truth, I think he found some of the other X-C X-T possibilities to be more interesting." "I see. I have experienced a full canine body, complete in every way with four legs and everything else except the head. I just thought that maybe in time we would want to experience a lot of different transformations." "But I don't want a lot of different transformations. That's what you told me when we first got together, or were you just saying that to get into my pants? She often said her philosophy was, "I don't get mad; I get even," and she was already making her plans.

" "Phil, I think that is the question on everyone's mind. All the required instructions are there in every person's DNA to be either male or female.

Will we get to try out a dose of X-Change pills today? Now, just to make sure we are all on the same page, X-Change (X-C) manufactures little pills which selectively activates parts of a person's DNA, while de-activating other parts to change males into females, and females into males.

What you are telling us is something we all already know. I may want to be part of that program instead of the regular one depending on what is all about." "Thank you, Cindy.

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