Dating customs in albania

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Dating customs in albania

It grew from that of the Illyrians, with their pagan beliefs and specific way of life in the wooded areas of far Southern Europe.

The double-headed eagle is the national and ethnic symbol of all Albanian-speaking people.

It is among the highest and most important concept of the Kanun with a moral and ethic connotation.

The term contains the given word or keeping of a promise or obligation and the guaranteed agreement among honorable men.

It is widely accepted, that Albanians are well known about those values, about a peaceful coexistence among the believers of different religious communities in the country.

Thanks to its long history, Albania is home to many valuable monuments such as among others the remains of Butrint, the medieval historic centres of Berat and Gjirokastër, the Roman amphitheatre of Durrës, the Illyrian Tombs and Fortress of Bashtovë.

Various ceremonies, festivals and concerts take place to celebrate the historic day in major cities amongst them in Tirana and Pristina, holding festive and military parades.

Christmas is celebrated by those following the religion of Christianity and even by Muslims across the country. They have it's own Santa Claus, called Babagjyshi i Vitit të Ri or Babagjyshi i Krishtlindjëve, who comes to their home on New Year's Eve to deliver a few small gifts to the children.

The symbol appears in a stone carving dating from the tenth century as the Principality of Arbanon was established.

It was also used as a heraldic symbol by a numerous noble families in Albania at that time.

Other examples of important contributions to architecture may be found in Apollonia, Byllis, Amantia, Phoenice, Shkodër and many others.

The Kanun, a comprehensive compilation of Albanian traditional customs and cultural practices, was codified by Lekë Dukagjini in the Middle Ages.

Gheg is mostly spoken along with the Albanians of Croatia (Arbanasi), Kosovo, Montenegro and northwestern Macedonia.

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