Dating vintage dietz lanterns

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Dating vintage dietz lanterns

This can be very beneficial for the organization as it allows them to gather a large customer base.

In fact, Vesta's marked for the New York Central Railroad are probably the most frequently seen railroad lantern in the antique market.Organizations that specialize in a unique aspect know that their reputation is tied to the level of quality they provide.By offering unique and hard to find products, these companies establish themselves as a first choice for customers due to the limited amount of competition in the industry.Sometimes, a timely lantern was a life-or-death illumination.According to one romanticized 19th-century story, a 15-year-old girl named Kate Shelley saved the Fast Atlantic Express from a broken bridge by alerting a station agent, whose lantern signal to the train averted disaster. Since 1840, the Dietz Company has established itself as such a top choice with its superior variety of utility-type lanterns.

Stylish and classy, these products can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.

Many stamps also include an S or an M for Syracuse or Main, depending on which facility the lantern was produced at.

After 1956 laterns were no longer stamped, and the Main plant shut down in 1931.

The one common feature of all Vesta models was the ventilation design -- the so called "cold blast" design whereby air was circulated through flanking tubes to produce a stronger flame.

This design not only gave Vesta lanterns a unique profile, but it was so functionally effective that it was used for decades until Dietz discontinued Vesta production around 1960.

The "Vesta" was a popular line of brakeman's lantern manufactured by the R. However, the name "Vesta" was applied by Dietz to a long series of lanterns, and the original version, introduced in 1896, was actually a "tall globe" lantern that took a 5 3/8" globe.

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