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Stephen’s Gate), at the Umariya Elementary School, near the location of the former Antonia Fortress, and makes its way westward through the Old City to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.The current enumeration is partly based on a circular devotional walk, organised by the Franciscans in the 14th century; their devotional route, heading east along the Via Dolorosa (the opposite direction to the usual westward pilgrimage), began and ended at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, also passing through both Gethsemene and Mount Zion during its course.

A survey of the ruins of the Praetorium, long thought to be the Roman barracks, indicated it was no more than a watchtower.

Their artistic and architectural influences are also evident.

Selain itu, gereja secara bersama-sama dikelola oleh orang-orang Kristen ortodoks dan apostolik dari Yunani, Armenia, dan Ethiopia-di samping Gereja Katolik Roma.

The new research also indicates the crucifixion site is around 20 metres (66 ft) from the traditionally accepted site.

The traditional route starts just inside the Lions’ Gate (St.

Kebanyakan sarjana percaya pada akurasi bersejarah geografi yang terlibat dalam lokasi ini situs Kristen.

Tampaknya orang-orang Kristen awal diadakan ritual keagamaan pada awal situs dengan kebangkitan.Standard Roman city design places the main east-west road through the middle of the city, but the presence of the Temple Mount in the middle of this position required Hadrian’s planners to add an extra east-west road at its north.In addition to the usual central north-south road (cardo), which in Jerusalem headed straight up the western hill, a second major north-south road was added down the line of the Tyropoeon Valley; these two cardines converge near the Damascus Gate, close to the Via Dolorosa.The equation of the present Via Dolorosa with the biblical route is based on the assumption that the Praetorium was adjacent to the Antonia Fortress.However, like Philo, the late-first-century writer Josephus testifies that the Roman governors of Roman Judaea, who governed from Caesarea Maritima on the coast, stayed in Herod’s palace while they were in Jerusalem, and it has recently (2001) been rediscovered under a corner of the Jaffa Gate citadel.Only in the 19th century was there general accord on the position of the first, fourth, fifth, and eighth stations.

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