Military method of dating

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Flemish cartographer Gerardus Mercator created a world map that used consistently spaced longitude lines with variably wide latitude lines.This method of cartography, which is still in use today and gives maps distortion closer to the poles, allowed navigators to plot their courses easily and accurately.

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The creation of fire was the starting point of all other human technologies, leading the way to the forging of metals and stronger tools.But by 2,000 BCE, wheels were also in the process of revolutionizing warfare.The Hittites were the first known civilization to make use of chariots, which connected a platform on wheels to the horses, allowing for fast and effective mounted warfare.Currently, t 1941 A month before World War II, German-born genius Albert Einstein wrote a two-page letter that launched the US into a nuclear-arms race against the Nazis.In the 1939 letter, Einstein warned President Franklin D.Bow and arrows were likely developed to give humans an advantage hunting animals and the tools are thought to have been created after earlier more primitive projectiles such as spear-throwers and boomerangs.

However, bows were quickly adapted as a tool for military use.National Geographic notes that by 5,400 BCE, arrows were a staple of military conflict.Remains of English hill forts dating from that time period show that the locations had come under concerted archery attacks.This advance allowed navigation to become a significantly easier affair, helping to fuel worldwide exploration and European expansion.1712 The use of iron and steel coupled with the discovery of new energy sources spurred the industrial revolution, which began in England in the 18th century.India Yellow Pages Chat Room India Classifieds E-Greetings Recipes Games Kids Baby Names Free Dating .

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    Toward these ends, the state has a legitimate role to play in the ordering of economic life.

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