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Then, focusing on the pathway enrichment analysis, 17, 6, and 4 pathways are listed based on KEGG, Panther and Reactome databases, respectively.

Also, Aiping Lu’s research group confirmed Hot and Cold classification in rheumatoid arthritis patients using gene expression and metabolite profiles following by the network analysis methods applied in systems biology.

“So it won’t be more than a couple of hours after a show is broadcasted in the U.

Lack of molecular biology evidence has led clinical success of alternative and complementary medicine (CAM) to be marginalized.

ABC’s “Modern Family” has received an Iranian makeover — and it’s not so modern. Frame by frame and shot by shot, the sitcom almost mirrors the U. Gay couple Cam and Mitchell, who recently got married in season five of the U. A rep for “Modern Family” producer 20th Century Fox Television confirmed that the Iranian producers of “Haft Sang” have not obtained the rights to the U. In Greece the show will go by “Moderna Oikogeneia,” and in Chile it’s named “Familia Moderna.” Shooting for two seasons of Chile’s version of “Modern Family” wrapped last December.

“Haft Sang,” which translates to “seven stones,” premiered last Sunday in Iran and depicts a similarly large and unconventional family, much like the U. Similar to the version airing in Iran, the series’ gay couple Mitchell and Cameron, played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet, are not featured.

In turn, a large portion of life Science researchers could not communicate and help to develop therapeutic potential laid in these therapeutic approaches.

In this study, we began to quantify descriptive classification theory in one of the CAM branches i.e. Using proteomic tools and network analysis, the expressed proteins and their relationships were studied in mitochondrial lysate isolated from PBMCs from two different temperaments i.e. The 82% of the identified proteins are over- or under-represented in distinct temperaments.

One aspect of “Modern Family” that got lost in translation? Also AWOL is oldest Dunphy daughter Haley, who is now portrayed as a teenage boy named Amir. This isn’t the first time the sitcom has been molded for international appeal; Greece and Chile are launching authorized remakes of the series overseas.

In both Chile and Iran, same-sex marriage is illegal.

Among other fields of CAM, Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is the most fortunate to be expressed in the language of modern molecular biology (1–9).

Although the new findings based on omics technology, network analysis, and modeling in TCM clarify the similar basis of much traditional ethnic medicines due to humorism as common theory, there are still a lot of unanswered questions in this era.

These categories are two of four combinatory temperaments, produced by two humors; Sanguine and Hypochondria respectively, expressed in ITM, TCM and Ayurveda The identified proteins in HW group in comparison with CD is presented in Fig. Some of the identified proteins are specifically related to each group and some of them are differentially overexpressed in specified group. 1, the most of the differentially identified proteins (72%) are related to the CD group which is indicated the level of complexity in this group. They revealed the genetic background of these syndrome using m RNA microarray technology.

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