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To Ashwin Kirtane, for allowing me to talk through anything at any time (He definitely should be on the NSLIY payroll).

Last Wednesday, Sam and I got final confirmation from AFS allowing us to go to Ajmer for my host cousin’s (Sharma side – My host father’s older brother’s daughter, Saloni’s) wedding.

There are too many of you, and I wish that I had been able to keep up with everyone perfectly.

For now, I’ll just say that I’ll be going back through my email and Facebook messages and other forms of communication and trying to catch up on what I missed the second I return home.

My last post from Bharat Mata will be the broad reflection that seems necessary after such an experience.

After that, I think I’ll play Indore Adventures by ear.

Well, I haven’t gotten many questions from my last blog post — that’s really no problem, though.

I know very, very well how difficult it is to sustain curiosity about any one subject over ten whole months.It’s almost as if the two families are taking their last chance to compete before they become one.During the engagement ceremony, I was mostly pretty bored.The women of the two families also have vigorous singing competitions, where the main judging characteristic seemed to be volume.One thing I noticed throughout the event is that Indian wedding ceremonies seem to be very competitive.To naps, which I never took in America but became so necessary here that I rarely go two days without one anymore.