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Fortunately, there are COM objects that are available to interact with the Excel file.Also, we can make use of the Ole DB class to treat the Excel file as a simple table.

Best of all, you don't need to learn anything new because objects and properties are identical to Excel's, so if you understood this tutorial you are already expert for Native Excel too :).

In this way, we can fire SQL queries to the Excel file so that we can retrieve data from the sheets. The Excel Workbook is considered as the Database while the Sheets are considered as tables. Please note that the table name in the SELECT query should be in the format [Table Name$], which the square brackets and the dollar sign at the end.

Microsoft Excel 11.0 Object Library should be added as Reference to get the features for interacting with Excel. As you have guessed, the Excel file has turned out to be a normal database.

This way, you will have less code to maintain, will be able to adapt your software more easily and if the type of bar codes required changes, you might be able to support it right away instead of re-inventing the wheel.

Excel is such a powerful tool that almost all companies make extensive use of it for analyzing data.

Now, let us get the marks of the students in Mathematics, Geography and Total, sorted in Descending order.

Two ways for generating Excel report will be discussed in this tutorial. In this tutorial, you learned how to read data from Excel, generate report using the Response objects and to play with the Microsoft Excel 11.0 objects provided.

The barcodes being generated are all alpha-numeric, no special characters. At 96dpi you'll never achieve the resolution needed for the accuracy given.

I thought the width of the bar space was dependent on the character being encoded. Solution 1: Modify the code to use a high resolution printer device context and make the bitmap at that resolution.

Moreover, the internet is not as it was 10 years ago.

Almost all pages that are out there on the internet are dynamic ones, that is, interacts with a database in backend to produce results.

Solution 2: Ensure all bars/spaces that are suppose to be the same width are the same width.

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