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Inside the church is a portrait of this missions patron saint, Francis Solano, a missionary to the Peruvian missions.

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The Lady of the Lake - Believed to be haunted by Margaret Hersh Robertson. Every morning, as was known by many lake residents, Margaret would swim out to the island. She has been sighted numerous times, after her passing, swimming seemingly along side a startled couple in a canoe.

When the Franciscan Fathers erected this northern most mission, it culminated three hundred years of Spanish-Mexican settlement in California, which dated back to 1523.

Mission San Francisco Solano was the only mission founded after Mexico’s independence from Spain, and the only mission founded without prior approval of the church.

It is here where the first bear flag was raised over California on July 14, 1846, proclaiming California a republic while declaring independence from Mexico.

The church at Mission Solano was built in 1841 to replace the original structure that had collapsed.

When workers go to check it out the music and voices stop. Then after she killed them all she made a home for them. If someone came on her grass she would go get a died cat a scare you.

There was a home that every one called it the Psycho home because the old lady that lived there was Psycho. Now if you walk in the home you hear the died dog's. - Tthere have been may reports of children playing in the hallways.A lack of money prevented the Fathers from creating this mission church in the elaborate fashion they were accustom to in Europe.The eye above the altar is referred to as “the eye of heaven”, which the fathers said allowed God to keep a watchful eye on the church.Mission Solano was the brain child of Father José Altimira, who while working at nearby Mission San Francisco de Asís, became discontent and decided to start his own mission.After receiving permission from California Govenor Don Luis Arguello, a plan was created to close Mission San Francisco de Asís and San Rafael, and transfer goods and mission Indians to the new mission complex at Solano.After the mother died after grieving years, it is said she goes into the girls tents now and look for her daughter and sings to the girls and strokes there hair.

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