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Still, while Sage’s decision is quickly accepted, it is not assumed.

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The latter happens in the oft-maligned Knocked Up, which famously didn’t even include the word abortion—the only character who seemingly realized it was an option refuses to say it by name, instead calling it “smasmorshion.” (Apatowian family values die hard.)Of course, there are exceptions, like last year’s Obvious Child, or episodes of “Friday Night Lights” or “Grey’s Anatomy.” But fear of controversy rules, and generally speaking, an unplanned pregnancy serves as either a quickie dose of drama in an ongoing storyline (and ends in miscarriage), or a central plot driver about the woman (or couple) who is now having a baby.Overcaffeinated and Type A, Judy is somewhat estranged from Elle, and both grandmother and granddaughter are admittedly terrified of her.Along the way, Sage learns more about her grandma than she ever could have expected.Hers was performed in a basement by someone “who said he went to medical school.”Grandma is about grief, about idealism, about aging, about intergenerational relationships between women.That something can be both right and painful, that there are no easy choices, that the past is never past, that we will let ourselves and our loved ones down, that our loved ones will let us down, that the world will disappoint us in its stubborn reluctance to change in the ways we once believed it would—all of these truths rumble throughout alongside the churn of the Dodge’s engine as the pair wind their way to the clinic.Grandma Is Not Your Grandma’s Abortion Movie&body=Check out this article on TPM:', 'newwindow', 'width=530, height=450'); return false;" target="blank"Grandma is not your grandma’s abortion movie.

Not that there are so many to choose from—and not that this new film from Paul Weitz and starring Lily Tomlin as Elle, the grandma in question, is just about abortion.He’s still furious; she insists it was her body, her life.Elle needed to untie herself from their relationship so she could finally accept herself and live according to who she really was—but she hurt a man she loved, and who loved her.And Grandma is also about that very specific brand of awe that hits us when we realize that our parents and grandparents are people too.That they’ve lived lives every bit as full, and full of drama, as our own.Soon, Elle’s teenaged granddaughter Sage comes calling: She needs 0 for an abortion, scheduled for that evening.