Tips dating someone with bipolar

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Tips dating someone with bipolar

I’m not trying to play the victim here or act like I had it harder than he did and still does.But honestly, having a depressed boyfriend (or even just a friend) is extremely difficult.

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Also, if he just doesn't want to see you sometimes, don't think it means he doesn't love you.The best thing you can do is give him a hug and a kiss and tell him you will be there for him to support him. If he just wants you to sit quietly with him, do that.Be there for him the way he needs you to, not the way you want to.In reality, I should have just given him time to deal on his own.Source: Shutter Stock Just like he needs his own time, you do too.His depression can very easily bring you down too and that's not fair to you.

Source: Shutter Stock If his depression is getting really bad, you should encourage your BF to get real help.

This is normal in any relationship, but when you're dating someone who's depressed, it's tough because it's so disappointing.

I would constantly do things just to make him happy and when it wouldn't work, I would feel like a failure. Of course you can try to cheer him up, but don't make your life revolve around that.

Source: Shutter Stock Like I said before, sometimes your boyfriend is just going to want to be alone and that's okay.

You shouldn't let him do whatever he wants, but if he needs the night to himself, let him have it.

Once you start blaming yourself for his depression, you're going to feel horrible and bring yourself down and that's not going to help either of you.