Team fortress 2 always updating

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At the finish line we caught up with the American team and once again got to hear some “war stories” while sitting in a small Ger next to the finish line.While demounting the Qvartzbulance was weird, it was even weirder to hand it over.

Because of the broken spring we decided to leave early on day 35 to ensure that we could drive a little more slow into UB and thereby avoiding more unpleasanteries.

We pushed hard and managed to do around 800 km duing this day while still picking up additional hitchhikers despite us already being 4 people in the car (this was the first time we were 5 in the Qvartzbulance at the same time).

Pushing this hard (800 km) is tough when road conditions are as varied in nature as they are in Mongolia.

Quite relieved and also humbled by this experience we continued towards The Book House.

When arriving to The Book House we were greeted by 20 kids whom were very happy and excited with the many new books.

It is quite a strange feeling to demount something that has been your home for the last 5 weeks!

After this it was time to meet the organizers from Go Help and deliver the car at the finish line.Following Dinner the Kiwis had to go home in order to be ready for the final leg of their trip, the Trans-Siberian railroad from UB to Beijing the following morning; the rest of us went on to have a taste of Mongolian nightlife.Finding our way into the city center we bombed into a group of Dutch guys from the Mongol Rally (the one where you drive a small car that are scrapped following the rally) that we had met in Ögli.Nothing more happen to us – luckily – instead we actually ended up helping a stranded Mongolian family with fixing their tires – something that was both fun and rewarding.Finish line – farewell Qvartzbulance Finally arrived into Ulan Bator (UB) we found a hotel and demounted the Qvartzbulance with the help of several interested people from the hotel staff.Ulzii went to call some people to get a feel for the situation and we started apologizing while at the same time explaining a bit about both our trip, the donation of the Qvartbulance and also about the book-project for which we had just bought books.

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