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Autographed Jennifer Connelly pictures: I have three autographed pictures of the actress.

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I bought Picture 2 and Picture 3 from one of the auction sites on the Net.When you're playing someone with a drinking problem, you have to do it justice for the people who are suffering. And I'm forever grateful to East Enders for giving me that opportunity." Meanwhile, last night viewers saw Jamie and his fellow I'm a Celebrity campmate Iain Lee FINALLY bond.The two men haven't been the closest of pals this series, with some viewers accusing the Jamie of ganging up on Iain with Amir Khan and Dennis Wise.Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday he said: "I'd love to go back to East Enders. I still have some fantastic friends there." The hunky star, who also played Warren Fox in Hollyoaks, was involved in a string of shock storylines during his time in Albert Square, where viewers saw his character battling alcoholism.He added: "I had such a fantastic character to play.Jamie was happy to blame the 44-year-old for Strawberry-gate, and has said on a number of occasions that he thinks Iain is playing a game.

But after Amir's departure last night, Jamie and Iain had a heart to heart back in camp.

My favorite actress is Jennifer Connelly, who starred in it. A selection of transcripts for the movie I've put together: Labyrinth movie transcript: This file contains a complete transcript of the movie, specifically of the closed caption dialog text displayed on the screen during its running.

And yes, like the character Sarah, I have a poster of M. The captions displayed are very close to but not exactly the lines actually spoken, where I rented a caption decoder box in order to put this together.

Labyrinth theater production: Shepparton Kids in Theatre in Australia did a large impressive play based on the movie Labyrinth in January, 1999.

A scan of their program which Charles Kerr generously sent me may be seen here.

But when their two agencies merge—causing the pair to vie for the same position—all bets are off.

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