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“That night I had a huge blowout with Prince,” she recalled.“I was at the bar having a beer with Joni Mitchell.

Entertainment Weekly was even less merciful: “He engages in much mock-effeminate vamping, scampers around the French Riviera in outfits that would have humbled Liberace, and grants himself the most melodramatic death scene since Camille.”“You could see his disappointment,” says Krattinger.

“Act your age, mama, not your shoe size”-vintage Prince.

All around sexy motherfucker Prince, who at the peak of his global superstardom in 1986, journeyed to Sheridan, Wyoming (population at that time: 10,369) to premiere the black-and-white musical romance he directed and in which he stars, Under the Cherry Moon.

An interviewer came up to me and the next day in some paper, it said: ‘Wendy from Prince and the Revolution answering blah blah blah while nursing a Budweiser.’”Added Coleman: “Prince read that and got really pissed off.

He was worried, like, ‘What if kids read this and think it’s cool to drink beer?

“It wouldn’t have been the same if it had been in a bigger place—like, say, Duluth—because you really couldn’t take over the town like this has,” Bobby Z noted in the Star and Tribune.

Exhausted yet still high on adrenaline after the concert, Riggs planned to celebrate by smoking an enormous joint in Krattinger’s room, secure in the knowledge Prince had gone off to hang out with Joni Mitchell in another part of the hotel.Circumstance rather than choice had brought the five-foot-three sex symbol to this frontier town where African-Americans comprise less than one percent of the population and cattle outnumber people by more than two to one.As part of a minutely choreographed Cinderella scenario—really, a promotional campaign by MTV and Prince’s music label/movie studio Warner Bros.—the performer had come to whisk a shy, curly-haired motel chambermaid named Lisa Barber off her feet in front of a national televised audience.“She comes around that corner and her eyes are as big as quarters,” Riggs says. In a royal blue suit, a cream-colored shirt and a little navy blue tie.I’m sitting on weed, three seconds from firing one up. ’”“‘I just came here because I wanted to thank you—you did an excellent job,’” she remembers Prince saying.“I sat down on the bed and started to roll one up when there’s a knock at the door,” remembers Riggs.

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