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Right on cue, Sonic the Hedgehog shows up to rescue the Princess.Unfortunately, a second ambush catches Sonic off guard, and he ultimately loses the Princess to the Doctor.

Unknown to Silver, Mephiles is actually an evil entity who was supposed to be sealed inside the Scepter of Darkness centuries before Silver's time.

Town Stages contain human NPCs, which can offer hints on how to find the next Action Stage, or offer side missions to complete for money.

A handful of shops exist around the game world's as well, which will sell upgrades that unlock new abilities.

By pressing a button, the demonstrator would throw out a container which would burst on impact, scattering golden rings around the dilapidated environment.

The animation resumed, with Sonic being chased out of the castle by the squad of robots who had been hunting him. The ship's cargo doors opened, and hundreds of hunter robots poured out, completely surrounding Sonic on all sides.

Likewise, players who choose Silver will at times be required to play as Blaze the Cat and Amy Rose, and lastly, Shadow teams up with Rouge the Bat and E-123 Omega from Sonic Heroes.

Each character has abilities unique to them and can differ greatly from Sonic in terms of play style.Like Sonic Adventure 2, each of the three characters' campaigns does not represent just a single playable character, but a team of characters.For example, throughout the course of Sonic's story, one can expect to play portions of certain stages as Tails, or Knuckles.Mephiles was accidentally released by Shadow the Hedgehog when he and Rouge the Bat attempted to steal the scepter from Dr. Much to Shadow's confusion, Mephiles somehow seems to know who Shadow is, as if they had a previous encounter - though this was Shadow's first meeting with Mephiles.After being freed, Mephiles banishes both Shadow and Rouge to the dystopian future from where Silver originates.Pretty difficult game, but if you are a Sonic player it should not be too tough, and pretty darn fun.