Wine tasting and dating

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Wine tasting and dating - 1st year anniversary dating ideas

You’ve gone through all the usual preparation for your upcoming date, including finding the perfect restaurant and outfit.However, if your date is a wine lover or you simply want to appear a little more sophisticated, learning a few of the basics of choosing, pairing, and tasting wine is a great way to make a stellar first impression.

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Instead of taking a swig and hoping for the best, take a few minutes to savor the vintage.You can download the wine tasting notes free printable here!Our Wine Tasting for Two date-night-in ended up being such a fun way to spend an evening with my husband and learn about some new varietals of wine.I created a fun Wine Tasting Notes printable so that we could keep track of each wine we tried and compare them to each other.After filling out some basics about the wine, we talked about how it tasted (I included some hints to get our creative juices flowing) and what foods it tasted best with.So I decided to surprise my husband with a fun date-night-in, wine tasting for two!

To prepare for our date night, I visited a local wine shop and bought some wine varietals that we don’t try very often.Both of these flaws can commonly occur when the wine is being produced or stored.Just because your knowledge of wine is limited doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a few pointers to impress your date.Next, swirl your wine to release some of the aroma.Next, go ahead and sniff the wine to pick up on some of the different tones of the vintage.For example, you might smell a hint of prunes, cherries, or even vanilla.

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